Objectives/Nature of the GANW

1. What is the GANW?
• The Glen Anil community standing together against crime.
• Jurisdiction: North from Sagewood Way, Marula Way in the east, Plane street in the west, and south up to Cypress Way and its intersecting roads. 
• Street/Block Sectors within GANW: each street or sector having two WhatsApp groups and a street leader/admin.
• Voluntarily working and communicating with SAPS and local security companies to manage a swift, co-ordinated and EFFECTIVE security network.
• Observe – communicate – co-ordinate via WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook.

2. Why do we need a WATCH?
• Unacceptable crime rate – increasing over festive season 
• A siege mentality does not work nor is it desirable 
• To create safe neighbourhoods for everyone to enjoy 
• Understaffed and poorly equipped police with large case loads 
• Need to ‘track’ ‘catch’ & ‘prosecute’ 
• Police must focus primarily on violent crimes as opposed to property related crimes 
• As The GANW becomes more effective this will free up SAPS such that they too can be more effective in their more serious cases 
• Good communication with emergency services means swift effective reaction not only to crime but to other emergencies such as fire, accident etc

3. What legal liabilities are involved?
• No legal liability to State or the NW structure 
• Totally voluntary 
• Same powers as the normal citizen on the street 
• Have the right to make citizen’s arrest like any other person 
• Have the right to protect themselves or other persons regarding the use of 

4. What is expected from the Watch?
• Observation and reporting
• No arrests or chasing after suspects 
• If and when arresting a suspect, use only reasonable force 
• Performing duties only in your own neighbourhood 
• Duties may include patrols by: vehicles, bicycle, foot, etc. 
• MAIN MISSION: focused & effective communication between residents and security / emergency services personnel

5. What is expected from a Watch Member?
• Some of your time to help conduct community patrols - this can include your normal daily travelling routine 
• If you cannot partake in patrols then static observation from home 
• Concerned about crime but can do neither of the above – there are various other tasks that need to be fulfilled to make this initiative work – please volunteer 
• Get your neighbours involved! 
• Please let us know of any special skills or qualifications that you may be able share or contribute e.g. medical, counselling, desktop publishing, web-related, marketing, legal, signage & printing, fundraising, safe-house, equipment, etc


Formalised patrols have not always proved successful in Neighbourhood watches, for various reasons.

The fact is that even our everyday activities, like a drive to the shops, taking the dog for a walk, the school run, or your daily trip to work can be seen as a patrol. It is a mind-set that causes one to be more aware of your surroundings and to trust our gut feel when we see something that does not look right.

To share and check out these occurances have many times prevented a crime. Keeping an eye out from your property to check that the street is clear of any unusual activity is a welcome participation in keeping crime down.

Report any suspicious activity on your street's WhatsApp group. This will be shared with other streets and participating security companies who will respond as appropriate.

Patrollers are the life blood of our neighbourhood watch, and should act as the eyes and ears of the SAPS who only have limited resources available.

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