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Rates Policy 2019/ 2020


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Inspection by Department of Labour


After a report of a person claiming to be from the Department of labour, we have received the following info:
Inspections are taking place in Glen Anil now and seems legit. However, the Department of Labour cautions employers, stakeholders and members of the public of a conman masquerading as a labour inspector who subsequently conducts impromptu inspections and requests monies to be transferred into his account. To verify ID of the Inspector you can call Department of Labour Durban on 031 366 2000.

"You have the right to verify the identity of the person claiming to be a labour inspector, before granting the person access to the workplace. A labour inspector must be able to present a certificate confirming his/her position as a labour inspector with the Department of Labour, and stating the functions he/she may perform. Without this identification access MUST be denied. Furthermore, a labour inspector may not charge a fee for the inspection or for any advice or assistance."
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During an inspection a labour inspector will check various points in terms of compliance with labour legislation and can request copies of employment contracts and payslips. Labour inspectors in some instance also interview one or two of the employees.
Other points for inspection include:
1. Proof of registration with the Workman’s Compensation Fund and Unemployment Insurance Fund, as well as proof of the last payments made.
2. Is there a summary of the following legislation displayed in the workplace? Basic Conditions of Employment Act:
This will apply to businesses, not domestic workers.

Please make sure your domestic workers’ documents are all in order, and do not allow an inspector in without the correct ID. Even then, handle the inspection at your gate to protect yourself and family.


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